The team behind the FrankenToyMobile is an interdisciplinary group of creative professionals, who have individually and collaboratively spearheaded projects with similar values and approaches.

Andrés Lemus-Spont is a designer, fabricator, and teaching artist.
Marya Spont-Lemus is a community-based educator and artist. Both live and work on the Southwest side of Chicago.
Louis Fernandez is an architect and former bicycle mechanic based in Brooklyn.
Michael Pecirno is an environmental and spatial designer based in London.

We also hire outstanding teens and young adults who we have previously taught or mentored, and who are often from the communities we visit, to help facilitate the workshops. 

In embarking on this project together, we posit our shared belief that designed objects and arts-based interventions can be as well as enable positive social acts, bridging boundaries that can prevent meaningful human connection.

In addition to the core team members, we have benefited from the generous support of many friends, colleagues, and fellow believers.